Toilet Facilities

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This is a standard toilet / amenities module of nearly 80 square meters and provides:

  • Females – 10 WC cubicles, 5 hand basins and a mirrored surface
  • Males – 5 Urinals, 3 WC cubicles, 5 hand basins and a mirrored surface
  • Disabled toilet

If centrally sited and presuming no alcohol is being consumed and all events are less than 4 hours, then it would be sufficient to cater for a spectator crowd of up to 5,000 persons. It is more likely then a question of distance between facilities, which determines if more are needed.

Most typically one of these modules will be combined with a change room module or with a canteen/clubhouse module.

Standard Inclusions:LadiesGentsDisabled
WC cubicles1031
Wash basins 551
Mirrored areayesyesyes
Water bottle refill taps111
Internal lightingLEDLEDLED
Locking doorsstandardstandardshared
Rainwater catchment tank for grey water
Steel construction with steel external cladding and roofing, ready for easy mounting on six screw piles