Change Room Facilities


This is our most requested module – 1 large change room at each end (home & away teams or guys / girls) and a refs/umpires room in the middle.

Ideally designed for the school, social club, local comp and ‘weekend warrior’ users. Can be combined with other modules for amenities, canteen, clubhouse, seating and more.

Standard Inclusions:Team Change #1Refs / UmpiresTeam Change #2
Seating capacity - persons20+3+20+
Shower cubicles212
WC cubicles212
Wash basins212
Water bottle refill taps212
Locker / storage compartments203+20
Internal lightingLEDLEDLED
Locking doorsstandardstandardshared
Steel construction with steel external cladding and roofing, ready for easy mounting on six screw piles