Helping you do
amenities better

Australian owned
and operated

We reliably deliver on time, on budget and with a consistent quality.

We build it on our premises, avoiding messy building sites and risks on your parks

ParkSheds delivers
factory built amenities
buildings at a quality
equivalent to residential
project homes

“We have been needing a solution like this for a long time

– really well suited for football clubs


“Great quality

– The quality far exceeds what we were looking for



– Female friendly and appealing!


“Perfect solution

– We were looking for a good canteen/clubhouse solution


“Ideal for cricket teams and fields

– we recommend everyone to look at these


“Natural light

– These have a welcoming feel inside with plenty of natural light


“Great quality

– The quality of finishes should keep all our clubs happy


“Great colours

– I like the way we can customise colours, finishes and equipment


“Fast install

– The module was delivered and lifted into position by a crane in only a few hours



– The price is very reasonable