Clubhouse, Canteen with Toilets or Storage

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This is the recommended solution to provide a combination Clubroom and other community centric facilities of nearly 80sqm.

As an option, storage rooms can be transformed into toilet rooms.

In many cases this would adjoin another module with a bridging roof creating a covered space underneath. A viewing desk or seating on the roof is also possible – the structure can support over 100 tons on the roof.

Key elements: 
Clubhouse- Or open plan community facility.
- Typically this will open out onto adjoining decks, paving or other areas.
- Floor to ceiling glass panels can be selected.
Office- If not needed as an office or coaches room then it might be used as a dry store for the canteen or incorporated into the main open room.
Canteen- Stainless steel benches and sinks included.
- New fitout with kitchen appliances of your choice.
- If a larger space is needed it can be enlarged into the office area or storeroom 1 area.
2 storerooms- For nets, chairs, equipment, lockers – your choice!
Rear storage area- For food bins, equipment storage, other